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For companies running on Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), the inspired founder typically takes on every role required of them to make it to tomorrow. In addition to being a Visionary™ or CEO, the founder must succeed as an Integrator™ bringing all aspects of the company’s operation and growth together. As a business grows, wearing multiple hats, juggling jobs, answering to everyone… that’s hard to scale.

So, say hello to ‘us’.

A Fractional Integrator joins an EOS company in an affordable, part-time-but-full-attention capacity, to take on the to-dos and the day-to-days in support of business success. We push for progress and work to keep the business organized and on-task while freeing the founder to focus on the big ideas.

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The Fractional Integrators & EOS business growth

EOS is a powerful methodology to help companies create and manage growth. But when human resources fall short, any methodology fails.

In an EOS framework, the Integrator is the one doing 360s to keep an eye on every facet of the business – and at some point, that person can no longer be the founder.

As a stepping-stone to adding a full-time-employee as Integrator, the Fractional Integrators Alliance gives you the much-needed ability to off-load some responsibility in a cautious, strategic and budget-friendly fashion.

In companies running on EOS, the Integrator reports to the Visionary, and makes sure the EOS Process® is being followed, holds people accountable to their To-Dos and Rocks, and manages weekly Level 10 Meetings™.

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COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way business operates. Companies are struggling to maintain effective operations, while introducing remote-work practices on the fly. For companies running on EOS, this means L10s, Quarterly Rocks, and other processes have gone virtual and moved online.

With the added complexity of remote work, reduced staff, and revenue impacts of COVID-19, the EOS Process can require additional effort to stay on track. And a Fractional Integrator who knows how to keep it all on the rails can make all the difference.

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