The Fractional Integrators Alliance

The Fractional Integrators Alliance is built for companies running on EOS®, but that are facing one of the following problems:


They lack the resources for a full-time Integrator on staff; or


They self-implemented the EOS process and now need assistance to adjust to remote work, and bring the process online.

The Fractional Integrators Alliance is focused on remote management of the EOS Process® and supporting companies in successfully using EOS to run their businesses. Primarily, we are process managers; we support the leadership team in running L10 meetings, we hold people accountable to their To-Do lists, and we ensure Quarterly Rocks are kept on track.

For companies that are evaluating EOS and considering its implementation, we would be happy to introduce you to an EOS Implementer® who can manage the process.

The COVID-19 Reality

Dealing with the unexpected is one of the tasks anyone running a business is charged with… and, by the way, just add that on to your list of things you’re responsible for. With COVID-19 requiring companies to reinvent their operations in real-time, we are here to help evolve the existing EOS Process to function within an online platform. “Out” with the face-to-face and local storage and “in” with the virtual meetings and distributed content and storage platforms.

Let us share how we help you through COVID crisis, and the aftermath.


The Fractional Integrator Alliance is made up of highly experienced professionals whose backgrounds and interests mean that we probably have someone ideally suited to your business. You can reach out to anyone of us, and we will ask questions to find out where the best fit might be for you. And if we can’t help you directly, we know other Fractional Integrators, and would be happy to introduce you.

Rick Duncan

Rick Duncan

  • Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Not-For-Profits

Some people are born for roles, others evolve into them. I fit into the second.

I’m a Strategic Planner for SME’s who has filled the role of integrator (before that was a title) for most of my Clients. I like to think of myself as “the guy who gets things done”. My Clients would agree with that.

I once had a boss who referred to me as “a dog with a bone”. I take that as a complement.

EOS® is a great system. It fits a need in helping companies grow by making sense of how to structure a company, and a platform to manage projects, hold people accountable, and get the results business owners count on.

I help companies who need a Fractional Integrator, I work as a Project Manager, and can manage Rocks in the sales and marketing areas as a contractor.

I play well in other people’s sandboxes, understand that people want to do their best, and want to enjoy their work. I look for those values in the Clients I engage.

I have thirty plus years in business, the last ten as a consultant working directly for business owners and leadership teams to re-frame and evolve their businesses to successfully compete and grow. Focusing on businesses that run on EOS is a natural evolution for me, and supports my skill-set and approach.

If you agree it makes sense, I’d be happy to speak with you.

Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson

  • Construction
  • Franchising
  • Manufacturing

“I can’t believe we did it!”

With that, the five members of the senior team high-fived each other.

We sat together at our industry’s annual celebration ceremony and soaked in the reality of the past year’s achievements. Our company had seized the opportunity of an ownership change to reinvent our brand, launch a new flagship product, and to re-energize each department. All this in record time and our industry had now taken notice in a big way.

I was operating as the “Integrator” in close partnership with the “Visionary” to transform our company into a true high performer. This accomplishment launched my journey to hone my integrator talents with EOS, creating the formal framework to get companies unstuck.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed a series of Visionary/Integrator inspired engagements in several industries including engineering services, construction, manufacturing, logistics and franchising.

The visionary owners I’ve worked alongside each have their unique style and way of operating and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of “filling in the gaps” on the leadership team to scale up their companies.

Whether the client was a small startup or a $200M+ enterprise, I discovered I truly loved helping teams break through their limits and focus their energies on what was needed to reach the companies operational potential.

Whether you are an EOS “convert” or new to this approach, if you are seeking a fractional integrator, let’s talk.

Mark Powell

Mark Powell

  • IT / SAAS
  • Renewable energy/construction mgmt.
  • Manufacturing

Even as children, my brothers and I were successfully entrepreneurs. We had an ongoing lawn maintenance and snow removal business, a babysitting monopoly, and a bicycle customizing shop going.

And that type of expertise; what is core to a business leader’s success, is a trademark to how I assist firms with 20 to 150 employees pivot and respond to those changes that are rapidly demanding their attention.

I’m that guy. I push for a better answer. I see the big picture and then push for the results. And like you, I want realistic, achievable, repeatable and sustainable growth.

EOS only works when someone does the work for your business to get the results it’s paid for. Otherwise, it’s another binder in the corner of your office.

My role with you and your team is to do what you cannot do, or do not have the time to do. Listen. Do. Do it again.

I have learned so many times that one company’s challenge is another company’s opportunity to enter new markets and revitalize old ones. Yes, I have failed many times and succeeded many times more.

So as I have said to my clients and have applied to myself: “if someone you trust gives you some helpful advice that you want to do, you should do it. However, if someone you trust gives you some helpful advice that you don’t want to do, do that first.” I am that trusted person for you.

Nadine Doyle

Nadine Doyle

  • Hospitality
  • Women led businesses
  • Service based businesses

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. From a young age, I remember listening to conversations between my father and grandfather about what was going on in the business.

I started my first business right out of university and I was hooked. Throughout the years, I have started and run seven businesses. They ranged from a part time solo gigs to a multi-million dollar wedding and event business with 35 employees.

You could say that I learned a lot over the last 20 years, however my favourite business practice that I adopted was the EOS® Traction model. I loved how it created clarity, focus and direction in my leadership team. I was finally able to take my vision from thoughts in my head and paint a clear picture for my team to execute on. It was a great feeling to see the “aha moment” on the faces of my team members.

Over the last five years I have been an advocate for EOS® and I have encouraged and helped to implement Traction in a number of my colleague’s businesses. I love the collective energy that develops in a team when everyone is finally on the same page and ready to create something amazing!

I am excited to work with companies in a Fractional Integrator capacity because I love the way it drives forward the plan, values, goals and accountability. All the great work that goes into creating the EOS VTO really comes to life and sets the stage for an engaged and excited work environment.

Kevin Hagemoser

Kevin Hagemoser

  • Managed Service Providers
  • B2B Service Firms
  • Retail

“Never do anything for a customer you can only do once” was an amazing saying my mentor told me 25 years ago, I’ve been warmly introducing business clients to this concept ever since.

In 2012 when I read Traction by Gino Wickman I felt his methodology was connecting deeply to what my mentor told me so many years before about consistent delivery.  Crafting processes and systems that allow Visionaries and Founders to produce consistent results for their clients and customers is my chosen superpower.

In my work with businesses via remote tools I leverage technology to overcome time and distance that once kept the average business from getting top notch support from Fractional Integrators.

As a Fractional Integrator for firms running on EOS® my role is to be the guard rails for the leadership team so new ideas get room to breathe while planning for their consistent implementation. Plus I provide a mirror for the firm to compare what they say they value and what is happening on the ground in their business.

Assessments tell us many things, specifically for EOS firms. The Kolbe A™

tells leaders where their team sits. Visionaries can appreciate my Kolbe A™  assessment numbers high in Fact Finding and high in Follow Through to keep the “trains running on time.”

Please reach out to me if you are looking for a strong operational leader to complement the Big Ideas of a creative Visionary.  My focus is on finding exactly where resources overlap opportunity, then finding ways to double down on those for maximized profit.

It is my goal to deliver real value during our first call so you can see how a future partnership will provide you more time to do what you do best in your business.

Call me to discover ways I can take overwhelming operational items off your plate and help your team get more Rocks done this year.

Sonia Perron

Sonia Perron

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Controlled Goods companies 

“The key for success is: People! “

« La clé du succès c’est : les gens ! »

I help Entrepreneurs to create a business that grows and evolves rapidly while providing a human work environment to maintain balance in their personal lives and those of their employees. I accompany them managing the movement and make any change in their organization a success: improvement, acquisition, change, growth, evolution, transformation and more.

I am the author of the French book Défi d’entreprise : croître en équlibre (would translate as Business Challenge: balancing business Growth) and I have accompanied many companies from start-ups to ones with 8,000 employees. I enjoyed discovering these great leaders with different missions and cultures, but they all had one thing in common: they wanted to reach their objectives and grow.

EOS® is the operating system that gives teams the tools they need to create movement in their business, achieve their goals and build a strong team culture. I can accompany you either in French or in English to succeed by helping you manage your transformation, and assist you while adjusting with this new way of doing things.

My clients would say that I have a strong ability to grasp the issues quickly, always take people into account in my interventions, and propose creative solutions which are easy to apply.

If you lack resources and need a Fractional Integrator, with change management skills, I will be happy to help you.

Kevin Pettie

Kevin Pettie

  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • Marketing services companies

I started my first business almost twenty years ago. During that period, I have worked with business owners and senior executives in various industries ranging in size from solopreneurs to global billion-dollar enterprises.

During that time, I’ve been part of winning teams; they scaled, they grew and also teams that stagnated or regressed. Working with winning teams, I’ve learned three key lessons 1/ Vision, winning teams have one, everyone understands the vision, and everyone believes in the vision 2/ Standardized Operating Procedures, having documented operating procedures, so everyone in the organization knows what needs to be done and how it is to be done creates consistency and  3/ People, they have the right people in the right organizational roles.

Having had the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of companies has allowed me to identify the gaps and the disconnects in underperforming companies. What draws me to EOS are the simple concepts and practical tools applied to help Entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their business.

My sole responsibility as a Fractional Integrator is to use the EOS model to ensure you realize your business’s full potential.

My ideal clients understand that there is no magic bullet for quick results, that it is imperative to implement a rock-solid organizational operating system, and are engaged and committed to the process to make it happen.

for more information on how we can help your business.