We sell time and expertise.

While they may typically be thought of as services rather than products, the fact is, you have needs.

i) There are not enough hours in the day.
ii) There’s not enough expertise in the organization.
iii) And, if you could buy these products at Staples, you would.

The time for you to focus on other things and the expertise to ensure your business is in good hands is what we offer.


Product: Support

For companies that need a Fractional Integrator to support their leadership team and manage the EOS Process® on an on-going basis, we offer a tailored service that works out to the equivalent of a day a week, or about thirty hours a month. The scope of the assignment is to work directly for the Visionary (often the business owner) and manage the weekly requirements of the EOS platform. This includes running the weekly L10 meetings, making sure documentation is kept up to date, To-Do lists are completed, and Quarterly Rocks are on track.


Product: Coach

For companies who are already on their EOS Journey, but understand that the Integrator needs more support to fulfill the role, we offer Integrator Coaching.

Working with both the Visionary and the Integrator, we support the L10 Meeting, the Same Page Meeting, and do One on One Coaching with both the Visionary and the Integrator to ensure there is alignment on Accountabilities, and that the EOS Process is being followed.

This tailored service works out to the equivalent of a half a day a week, or about fifteen hours a month. This can be augmented with additional hours for skills development, shadowing meetings, and taking a more proactive role in supporting the Implementation.


Product: Hub

For companies with a deep understanding of the principles in texts like Traction®, Get A Grip®, or Rocket Fuel®, The Fractional Integrators Alliance can provide advanced Integrator services. If you believe strongly in EOS® for your business, but realize you need assistance with implementation, Fractional Integrators Alliance is the answer. Depending on need, this can mean being introduced to an EOS Implementer® who will lead the process, or working with a Fractional Integrator to support the self-implementation work the leadership team will be doing. Again, an estimate of time required is dependent on the complexity of the business and the on-going role it requires from a Fractional Integrator.

Wherever your company falls on this spectrum, we can help. Contact us to set up a discussion, and we can work on determining the best way to move forward.

Not only is the initial consultation free, but so is a 90-minute Discovery Meeting with your team to discuss EOS Implementation® and the critical role a Fractional Integrator can play.

for more information on how we can help your business.