Mark Powell

Mark Powell

  • IT / SAAS
  • Renewable energy/construction mgmt.
  • Manufacturing


Even as children, my brothers and I were successfully entrepreneurs. We had an ongoing lawn maintenance and snow removal business, a babysitting monopoly, and a bicycle customizing shop going.

And that type of expertise; what is core to a business leader’s success, is a trademark to how I assist firms with five to 150 employees pivot and respond to those changes that are rapidly demanding their attention.

I’m that guy. I push for a better answer. I see the big picture and then push for the results. And like you, I want realistic, achievable, repeatable and sustainable growth.

EOS only works when someone does the work for your business to get the results it’s paid for. Otherwise, it’s another binder in the corner of your office.

My role with you and your team is to do what you cannot do, or do not have the time to do. Listen. Do. Do it again.

I have learned so many times that one company’s challenge is another company’s opportunity to enter new markets and revitalize old ones. Yes, I have failed many times and succeeded many times more.

So as I have said to my clients and have applied to myself: “if someone you trust gives you some helpful advice that you want to do, you should do it. However, if someone you trust gives you some helpful advice that you don’t want to do, do that first.” I am that trusted person for you.