Nadine Doyle

EOS Integrator Masterclass GraduateNadine Doyle

  • Hospitality
  • Women led businesses
  • Education


I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. From a young age, I remember listening to conversations between my father and grandfather about what was going on in the business.

I started my first business right out of university and I was hooked. Throughout the years, I have started and run seven businesses. They ranged from a part time solo gigs to a multi-million dollar wedding and event business with 35 employees.

You could say that I learned a lot over the last 20 years, however my favourite business practice that I adopted was the EOS® Traction model. I loved how it created clarity, focus and direction in my leadership team. I was finally able to take my vision from thoughts in my head and paint a clear picture for my team to execute on. It was a great feeling to see the “aha moment” on the faces of my team members.

Over the last five years I have been an advocate for EOS® and I have encouraged and helped to implement Traction in a number of my colleague’s businesses. I love the collective energy that develops in a team when everyone is finally on the same page and ready to create something amazing!

I am excited to work with companies in a Fractional Integrator capacity because I love the way it drives forward the plan, values, goals and accountability. All the great work that goes into creating the EOS VTO really comes to life and sets the stage for an engaged and excited work environment.