Sharon Means

Sharon Means

  • Law Firms
  • Family-Owned Businesses
  • Accounting Firms


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I have been an Integrator for companies running on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) for many years. Even before I had an actual label for it, I have been a natural Integrator all my life. Working with a Visionary (typically the owner/CEO of the company), I take their vision for the company and convert it into action items. I am the person that gets stuff done! And makes sure the whole company is rowing in the same direction.

Starting out my career as a CPA, I have worked in the accounting industry for many years  helping small/medium-sized businesses. In many of these companies, I saw countless business owners and entrepreneurs who lacked access to senior-level strategic business advice. Because of this, I developed an advisory services practice focused exclusively on small to mid-sized businesses.

When I discovered EOS in 2018, I married that advisory practice into my role as a Fractional Integrator. I am committed to helping entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision.

Using the tools I have learned in my EOS journey, I help Visionaries with Strategic Planning, Accountability, System and Processes, and Team Building and Management.  We have regular Level 10 meetings weekly and quarterly/annual meetings as well with the whole leadership team to collaborate on Rocks (goals) and to create measurables to make sure we can hit the goals. This planning identifies critical issues before they occur and holds key staff accountable for results.

My extensive experience includes working with family-owned businesses, accounting and law firms, and technology companies and their unique needs and challenges each form of ownership presents. I have worked with leadership teams of accountants, attorneys, engineers, human resources, sales & marketing, and technology professionals.

If you feel that your company is stagnating, I am excited to work with Visionaries that are passionate about their businesses and want to take their company to the next level. I would will love to discuss working with you as a Fractional Integrator. Please contact me and let’s start our EOS journey together today!